Booking Places to Stay

We’re primarily using Airbnb to book our accommodation while in Europe. With three people staying together, the price of an Airbnb is often the same or better than a hotel. Additionally, we are often able to rent out an entire apartment, which means we have the ability to cook and potentially save money on food.

London, England

We found London accommodation to be very expensive when compared to other destinations on this trip. We are renting a large room in this first apartment and will be staying there for the initial two nights of our trip.

image image
London accommodation

All of the places within our budget are about 30 minutes from the center of London when using public transportation.

imageApproximate location of our first London Airbnb.

Newcastle, England

We’re staying one night in Newcastle on our drive from London to Edinburgh. Since we don’t know how fast the drive is going to be or the time that we are going to arrive in Newcastle, staying in a hotel appeals for this location since we can check in at any time.

We’re located close to a freeway, but are planning to use our rental car to visit the city during the evening once we’re situated.

imageApproximate location of our Newcastle Hotel.

Edinburgh, Scotland

image image
Edinburgh accommodation

We found an Airbnb located close to the University of Edinburgh.

imageApproximate location of our Edinburgh Airbnb.

Glasgow, Scotland

Our hotel in Glasgow is in (what we think to be) a great location!

imageApproximate location of our Glasgow Hotel.

London, England

This room comes with a bed and a cot. We will have to draw straws to see who gets the cot!

image image
London accommodation

Once again we found accommodation in London with around a 30 minute commute to the center of the city.

imageApproximate location of our second London Airbnb.

Paris, France

The Paris Airbnb seems small from the pictures. Worth it for being close to the city!

image image image
Paris accommodation

This Airbnb is located in Le Marais. Vikram was interested in staying in Le Marais and described it as:

the youngest / most “hip” / best nightlife place

I definitely want to walk around the other neighborhoods in Paris to get a feel for the different areas.

imageApproximate location of our Paris Airbnb.

Lyon, France

image image
Lyon accommodation

Our Lyon Airbnb is located between La Saône and La Rhône. It is also conveniently located near a lot of public transportation.

imageApproximate location of our Lyon Airbnb.

Marseille, France

image image image
Marseille accommodation

The Airbnb that we found in Marseille is extremely close to the Vieux-Port de Marseille. As a big fan of The Count of Monte Cristo, I’m excited to see this location!

imageApproximate location of our Marseille Airbnb.

Nice, France

The Nice apartment seems a little small, but we’re going to be spending all of our time at the beach anyways!

image image image
Nice accommodation

We’re very close to public transportation and about 1 kilometer from the beach.

imageApproximate location of our Nice Airbnb.

Milan, Italy

The Milan Airbnb looks gorgeous!

image image image
Milan accommodation

Our Milan Airbnb is less than half a mile from the city center:

imageApproximate location of our Milan Airbnb.

Florence, Italy

The Airbnb we found for Florence definitely reminds me of how I imagine Tuscany.

image image
Florence Airbnb

Parking is going to be difficult in Florence. I expect that we will park somewhat far away and leave the car there for the duration of our stay in Florence. We will probably drive further into the countryside at least one day while staying in Florence.

imageApproximate location of our Florence Airbnb.

Rome, Italy

Here are some pictures of the place we are staying at while in Rome:

image image image
Rome accommodation

This Rome Airbnb is located in a fairly central part of the city. We’re excited that most everything is within walking distance.

imageApproximate location of our Rome Airbnb.