We Also Arrive

Image credit: Garrett Fidalgo

We Also Arrive

Consider this an addendum to George’s post. This post is pretty barren of photos since I was too tired to consider whipping out my camera at every opportunity.

Vikram and I flew into Heathrow yesterday. I joke that this isn’t my first time out of the country, I’ve hopped across the border to Tijuana before. But walking through immigration makes it feel much more official.

We met up with George and took the tube into the city. We had a few hours to kill, so naturally we found ourselves at a pub. In front of a police station.


We passed by many offices on the way in. It was just after noon, therefore time for the suits to grab a beer for lunch. A few spiffy looking gentlemen came and went while we were there. I’m grateful that I’ll be working in the Bay–I’m too young to wear a suit to work every day.

George and I ordered the fish ‘n’ chips. It wasn’t bad at all, but anything is an upgrade from airline food.


We took the tube to our airbnb. The owner describes the neighborhood as “ungentrified,” but just outside of the city. Many immigrants. He was making some renovations when we first arrived, so we ducked out again to explore the city.

There are a ridiculous amount of pubs…everywhere. It appears that everyone by default just goes to a pub after work.

At 8pm it was still in the mid 70s Fahrenheit. It was in the 80s underground, and uncomfortably humid. I expected it to be cold, considering the preceding weeks were much cooler in London. Instead I was drenched in sweat by the end of the day. Hopefully Scotland will be cooler.

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We got back to the airbnb around 9pm and promptly showered and crashed. Being awake for 30 hours and subsiding on equal consumption of beer, water, and coffee puts a bit of a toll on the body.

Traveling is odd. Unlike in Tijuana, after crossing the border here I didn’t feel like I was in a different place. Sure, there are different things but I don’t feel like I’ve crossed some big cultural boundary. The fact that I really am in a different place is taking some time to hit me. Each minor difference slowly adds up. For now I’ll continue to fumble and pass people on the wrong side of the sidewalk.