Traveling to Grandma Kay's House

I woke up around 6 AM (jet-lag not too bad) and had a cup of tea and some Weetabix. I watched the news with Angharad and then left at about 8:45 AM. This is what my walk looked like:


Along the way I saw a Nando’s which Angharad has been saying is really good. I also saw Vietnamese and Indian food right next to each other:


I was intrigued by the crosswalks here because they have a stopping point in the middle of the street with independent lights on each side:


I soon found that no one in Feltham seems to wait for the lights anyways.

It was only about 9 AM by the time I approached the station, so I went into a Starbucks for a second breakfast. I got a regular coffee and what I thought to be a breakfast sandwich. The sandwich was actually just a sausage sandwich, which was good, and came with brown sauce. The Starbucks coffee here wasn’t extremely hot like in the United States and it came in a regular mug. I also saw a sign that implied that frappucinos are only available in the summer in the UK.

image image

I had more time to kill, so I visited a nearby Vodafone to get a UK SIM card.

I got on a 10:16 AM train to Reading and read some of The Cuckoo’s Calling while traveling. I transferred trains at Reading and headed to Bramley station where I met Grandma Kay. Grandma Kay drove me the additional couple of miles to her house in Sherfield, where we met her brother.

For lunch we had some homemade tomato soup and cheese sandwiches. The food was delicious:


After lunch I looked around and Grandma Kay dug up some potatoes for dinner:

image image image image image image