Traveling to Milan

We woke up at 7 AM to begin our (long) trip from Nice to Milan!

Nice to Milan

The first train stop was in Monaco (Monte Carlo), where we found a deserted town. After some searching, I found a local bakery that seemed to be frequented by chefs buying fresh bread for their restaurants. I managed to get an old French lady to sell me two coffees and croissants the normal way - pointing and grunting.

Coffee and croissants

We spent the next three hours or so on two trains. The trains ran along the Italian coast and the views were spectacular. I finished reading The Silkworm while traveling.

Spectacular views from the train

The next two trains took us to Genova, where we picked up a rental car. First, we wandered around in the heat with our bags, looking for lunch.

I got a delicious salad. It had tuna, ham (good Italian ham, if that’s a thing), egg, olives, corn, mozzarella, and tomatoes and only cost $5!


After getting the rental car we drove to Milan, seeing some awesome mountains near the coast.

Dinner was at some asian restaurant that we do not recommend (why eat asian food in Italy? cause you’re hungry and it’s nearby). Dessert was at a crowded ice cream place; the smallest size was like twice the amount of ice cream that I can eat at once.

Tiramisu and Caffè Gelato

We’re really tired from our long day of traveling. Looking forward to seeing more of Milan tomorrow!